Two checks, one idea: Help for children in Africa

The Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa donates more than 70,000 euros for a health center and program for school meals in Angola

April 2018 – A health center for severely malnourished children and the feeding of around 400 children in two schools in Angola is financed by the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa with 73,040 euros. The NGO JAM (Joint Aid Management), supported by the Foundation in its work, launched both projects.


Sabine Wenz, chairperson of JAM Deutschland e.V. (left) and Carolin Seitner, donation support at JAM Deutschland e.V. (right), are happy to receive the two checks that Kerstin Thiele, member of the foundation board of the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa, presented.

The Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa is providing 50,000 euros for a health center for severely malnourished children in the Angolan province of Benguela. The amount covers the costs of the rural health center for a year. JAM International works as a project partner on a total of six centers of this kind in this province, the goal of which is to stop severely malnourished children from starving to death and to rehabilitate them. "Furthermore, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women the support they need there," explains Kerstin Thiele. She is a member of the foundation board of the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa.

The foundation founded in 2015 commenced its current contact with JAM International and JAM Deutschland in its very first year. They have been working together since 2016. "Helping Africa to help itself!" is the motto of the non-profit, Christian, humanitarian aid organization Joint Aid Management (JAM), founded in Africa in 1984 and which has been represented in Germany since 2002. A major goal is fighting hunger in Africa. Currently 815 million people in the world do not have enough to eat. This figure is rising again for the first time since 1990. In Africa alone, more than 50 million children are too small due to malnutrition.

To ensure this figure does not grow further, JAM International is running a school meals program in the African countries of Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, South Sudan and Rwanda. At the two Angolan elementary schools in Atchuyu and Kassoque the foundation is financing the school food program for another year with 23,040 euros. "This amount supplies the 384 pupils at the two schools with a warm meal a day for a year," says Kerstin Thiele and continues: "The food program is very carefully considered. A child can be fed for a year with just 60 euros in Africa." To this end, the so-called CSB porridge, a blend of corn and soybeans, was developed. C stands for corn. It covers the needs of the children for carbohydrates and the soybeans, which S and B stand for, the needs for protein. The children receive a portion of approx. 100 to 150 grams of this food, enriched with vitamins and important nutrients, each day.

The effect is enormous: "Since the implementation of the food program the number of registered school children has risen continuously," says the chairperson of JAM Deutschland e.V., Sabine Wenz. Eating regularly improves the children's ability to concentrate. This has lead to the rate of passed tests also rising. Principle David Canjongo Ngola says of JAM Angola: "Please thank the donors for the food that they make possible for the children of the Kassoque school. We see a big change in them. The performance of the children has improved. A big difference can be seen in the girls aged 12 to 15 in particular. In the past, it was overwhelmingly this age group of girls that tended towards dropping out of school."


JAM (Joint Aid Management) Deutschland e. V. is a non-governmental organization for development cooperation that concentrates its work on children and youth-oriented projects. The association is a branch of JAM International, South Africa, and was founded in Stuttgart in 2004. It supports people in need via projects in numerous countries in Africa. The work is mainly financed by donations and symbolic nutrition sponsorships; also in a small part by public funds.


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