Oil and porridge

LIQUI MOLY expands its social commitment to Africa

Johannesburg (South Africa), March 2015 – lubricant manufacturer LIQUI MOLY will take on social responsibility on the African continent, too, beginning with South Africa. This was announced by CEO Ernst Prost as part of a press conference in Johannesburg. In future, for every product sold in South Africa 10 ZAR (approx. €0.75) will be donated to support facilities for children. And he announced the foundation of a local charitable foundation.

During his business trip to South Africa, Ernst Prost visited the subsidiIMG 7485ary based in Johannesburg and its customers. The most lasting impression, however, was left by the encounter with children from the slums of Johannesburg at Joint Aid Management (JAM). The aid agency looks after the most immediate needs of the little ones, providing them with food and an education.

At a press conference called by JAM with suppliers, customers and sponsorship partners Ernst Prost announced that LIQUI MOLY will in future donate 10 ZAR (approx. €0.75) for every item sold in South Africa. "We look after cars, we look after our customers and we look after people. The bottom line is the economy must serve the people and not the other way round," said Ernst Prost, describing his life's philosophy and the principle of the company. He announced the establishment of a foundation, which he will provide with more than 6.5 m ZAR (€500,000) from his private assets as the foundation's capital baseline. The foundation, named 'Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa', is first and foremost to alleviate the suffering of children in Africa and to work similarly to the Ernst Prost Foundation established in 2010, which supports people in need in Germany.

"Here in South Africa and on the rest of the continent, children have no lobbyists. And the children from the slums are not only missing lobbyists, but also that which is necessary for daily survival," said Ernst Prost, explaining his motives for this decision. The everyday life of these children is determined by poverty, hunger and illnesses. The parents are in some cases drug addicts or alcoholics. "The children there have no future prospects. In order to break this vicious cycle, they must be provided with food and given access to education," said the LIQUI MOLY CEO.

On his trip he also visited the 'Little Dinosaurs' day-care centre where children are provided with food. Ernst Prost actively supported the employees of the facility here and helped feed the smallest children with porridge. 'Oil and porridge' is how he described the undertaking to become charitably active in Africa. Oil represents the product sold with which profits are made in order to then be able to help children – even if it is just porridge that can be bought with it. For helping others is part of the healthy economic triad for the successful businessman, which he and his company take to heart. The company is at the centre of it all. Operating successfully creates the prerequisites for being able to serve the common welfare in the form of jobs, taxes and social contributions. "And the businessman can lovingly help people himself – in his own company, as well as anyone who is on the shady side of society. This completes the triad", described Ernst Prost.

LIQUI MOLY South Africa took on the sponsorship of the day-care centre and donated a wheelchair, toys and clothes. The commitment to help on the African continent is not the end of this development, according to Prost. "I am also planning a similar project for India, where the social inequalities are comparable."