Foundation helps children in Africa from its home base in Germany

Ulm, 18 July 2015 – "The fact that we are able to begin Ernst Prost im Interview klour work on Nelson Mandela's birthday is a good omen", said Ernst Prost, founder of the ERNST PROST FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA. "We will spare no effort to ensure that our aid arrives in Africa". For this aid, Ernst Prost has endowed his foundation with half a million euros from his private fortune.

The impetus for establishing the foundation was a visit to South Africa, where Ernst Prost opened a childcare centre in a shantytown. "As much suffering, as much hardship, as much poverty and as much hopelessness as I saw there can only be combated by undertaking real action against it".

The argument that Africa's hardship cannot be eliminated by a single foundation is one that Ernst Prost rejects. "When problems appear insurmountable, that is precisely a reason to stand up and face them, rather than running away. Of course, we can't make all the difficulties of an entire continent disappear. But if we can give a few kids the opportunity to shape their own future, we have already achieved a great deal.

Standing together in solidarity—that's the concept behind "ubuntu", a Bantu word meaning humanity, charity and community spirit. But ubuntu also refers to the idea that each individual is just one part of a wider whole. Ubuntu describes the universal bond of sharing which joins together all aspects of humanity.

To ensure that as much can be shared as possible, all of the foundation's proceeds benefit the children in Africa. "We will want to spend money on management or red tape. Every euro must go to the children", explains Ernst Prost. The foundation is managed on a pro-bono basis.

Its headquarters are located in Germany. When choosing aid projects, the foundation works in close partnership with German aid agencies such as Joint Aid Management, which is committed to alleviating hunger amongst African schoolchildren. Says Ernst Prost: "We want to do our part to ensure that underprivileged children have a promising future and are later able to stand firmly on their own two feet in life".

This is Ernst Prost's second foundation. Nearly five years ago, he started the Ernst Prost Foundation, which assists people in Germany who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.

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