Emergency aid in Mozambique

Mozambiquemosambik1 has been hit by the worst drought in 35 years, caused by the El Niño phenomenon that has affected large parts of Africa. According to estimates made by the World Food Programme, this El Niño phenomenon is the worst in 50 years.

Thousands of animals are dying because they can't find water, more than 300,000 farmers have suffered a complete crop failure and more than 1.5 million people are suffering extreme famine. Many are expected to die of starvation. People are leaving their villages and looking for help in larger towns or else in neighboring South Africa.


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Construction of 18 wells in collaboration with Rotary

Supply of drinking water - overviewbrunnen1

The supply of drinking water in the rural areas of Angola and Mozambique is very poor. Many villagers, especially children, catch infectious diseases due to the soiled drinking water. 3.4 million people worldwide die every year as a result of contaminated drinking water. Water is also needed for arable farming. Cattle breeding is barely possible in dry areas.




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School food

School jam1food through the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa at the Kassoque and Atchuyu primary schools in Bocoio (province of Benguela) in Angola

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Steps for children

stepsforchildren1Steps for children at the project site Gobabis


Now that the first project of the steps for children foundation has been established in Okakarara, we have taken the next step and started a second project in Namibia – in the town of Gobabis. This is situated 200 km east of Windhoek and 100 km from the border to Botswana. It is a town with a population of approx. 19,000, most of whom live in great poverty in tin huts in the slums at the edge of the town. The unemployment rate here is at least 65%; there is no running water in the huts, and there are no toilets or electricity. HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis are extremely widespread. Many children don’t attend school or only do so for a short period of time. In the winter, when temperatures sometimes drop to -10 C°, people in the slums die if they are too weak to move.

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"School burundikids1and training places to provide sound training in the areas of agroforestry, cattle breeding and resource preservation for especially underprivileged young people in the rural area of Burundi”:

Fittings and furnishings for a multi-purpose hall and a classroom and improvement of sanitary facilities

Project costs: EUR 9,777.12


A project by burundikids e.V. in collaboration with

fondation stamm

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