Ernst Prost

"I am extremely grateful for every new day and the opportunity to help other people through my foundations"
ernst prost

Ernst Prost was born February 14,1957 in the Bavarian town of Altötting and enjoyed a simple and carefree childhood in Kissing and in Lauterbach/Zusam.

He was not a typical grade A student at school and learning was a necessary evil for Ernst Prost. From an early age, he liked to think out of the box and wanted to change the world. He would gaze out dreaming that one day he would conquer the world. He had a thirst for knowledge with a dream of discovering new continents, cultures, people and religions.

After completing his apprenticeship as a car mechanic, he discovered his professional ambition to fulfil his dream of leading an independent lifestyle. He wanted to prove to those who hadn't believed in him that he was capable of doing "something" with his life. He worked extremely hard and was not deterred by the setbacks he experienced. This made him into the successful businessman he is today - a businessman with vision, human kindness and a caring approach to management who cares for the well being of many people every day.

He recognized at an early age that life has many aspects - happiness, suffering, poverty, fatigue, greed, illness, death, love and hate. He could never ignore this and always wanted to make the world a better place - to help people who needed it most.

Even as a young person with few financial resources, he was committed to helping others – he helped orphans in India, he volunteered at Christmas to look after old people in hospital who had been forgotten by their family and society.

Of great importance to Ernst Prost are ethical values and principles such as application, respect, humility, gratitude and praise. He manages his company according to these principles. An TV commercial featuring Ernst Prost, which focuses on these values, attracted a great deal of attention in 2010 well beyond the borders of Germany and generated massive interest in the company due to the social aspect. The response of the viewers was overwhelming: he received praise and encouragement, but also an increasing number of request letters and calls for help. He helps where he can. Ernst Prost researched the organizational structures available that could better channel the aid and offer sustainability. The idea of a foundation flourished and the Ernst Prost Foundation was founded in 2010: "Professionally I have achieved a lot. For some time now I have been feeling an irresistible urge to do something with a purpose that will still be of importance after my death. Manufacturing and selling motor oils and additives secures the jobs of my 800 co-entrepreneurs. That's important, and yet: I want to endow a purpose in the truest sense of the word and help where no one helps!"

He is extremely grateful every day for the opportunity to help others with his foundation together with the support of his partner Kerstin Thiele and his son Benjamin. "Suddenly money becomes relevant again when you can help or even save the lives of others with it".

Ernst Prost is certain that there will always be work for himself, his partner, his children and even their children as - just like the history of humanity has taught us - you cannot fully eradicate the poverty, evil and bad of this world - you can only fight against it with hard work, support and love.

And this is where another foundation can help – the ERNST PROST FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA.

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