Application for support

Applicants eligible for support

  • Only nonprofit (German) organizations which are active in African projects are eligible for support.
  • Funds may only be used  for objectives stated in the organization's charter.
  • Projects and areas of concern must not violate legal prohibitions or public morality.

Making an application

Applications must be made in writing, either by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by post to:

Schloßhof 1
89340 Leipheim

Along with your application, please submit the following fully completed documents:

  • a detailed description of your project or area of concern
  • a statement of costs
  • the relevant notice of exemption for corporation tax for the nonprofit organization

Scrutiny of applications and decision-making process

The Board of ERNST PROST FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA will generally make a prompt decision on the application.

If support is approved by ERNST PROST FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA, the applicant will receive a written undertaking. This shall constitute a binding undertaking for approval of the project or area of concern.

Please understand that no information about the status of the decision-making process can be communicated over the phone.

Approval or rejection

Approval or rejection will be communicated to applicants in writing or over the phone. Approval may be subject to conditions. Rejection will not be justified.

In the event of insufficient information about costs or application of the funds to non-specified objectives or non-compliance with the Foundation's conditions, the Foundation may withhold an approved grant in full or in part or reclaim grants already paid out.

Press and public relations work

ERNST PROST FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA shall be entitled to follow the public mention of projects which it has supported. Press and public relations work shall be performed in consultation with ERNST PROST FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA and generally anonymously. At all events, we would ask for prior consent in the case of media-relevant references to support by ERNST PROST FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA.